Challenge Yourself To Move Different. 
Learn To Breathe Under Stress To Find Yourself & Your Strength.
Street Workout Education
Learn To Move Without Limits From The
Top Coaches In The World!
Progressive Training
Challenge Your Body To Increase Its Abilities,
Conditioning & Strength With Structure.
Maintenance Routines
Improve Recovery By Following Our Simple,
Efficient & Quick Maintenance Protocols.
What To Expect...
Discover how this one-of-a-kind Academy will instantly increase your fitness knowledge, expand your perception of what the human body is capable of achieving & much more!
  • Tricks: Challenge yourself to new movements
  • Combos: Express yourself through motion
  • Transitions: Use your creativity to innovate
  • ​Progressions: Learn skills from the ground up!

Give These Few Tricks A Try!

* Tricks are ranked according to level of difficulty ( 1= Beginner / 5=Professional )

Beginner Tricks:

These Will Help You Get Comfortable On The Bar, & Improve Your Bar Awareness.

Intermediate Tricks:

Getting Comfortable In The Air, Developing Body Awareness In Motion

Advanced Tricks:

Getting Comfortable With Re-Directing Momentum & Complex Movements

Competition Combos:

Putting Combos Together (2+ Moves) 

Advanced Combos:

For Those Who Are Ready To Put Flows Together
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